是次訪問得到意大利皮爾蒙特愛家協會(Associazione Piemonte Sweet Home)會長Sebastiano Ramello先生邀請及接待,走訪了皮爾蒙特產區多個酒莊,包括了La Collina Dei Re、Flli Massucco Castagnito、Fratelli Serio Battista Borgogno、Veglio Michelino & Figlio以及Palazzo Rosso。瞭解了當地氣候風土、葡萄酒品種,其種植及釀造概況、以及出口市場面對的各種困難。其中最重要的項目便是在Diano D’ Alba協會中與皮爾蒙特產區43個酒莊代表交流,並與意大利眾議院立法會議員Mino Tarrico會面,他是皮埃蒙特大區的領導,同時屬眾議院農業委員會主席。


HKWMCC’s visit to Italy

In June 22nd, 2013, The HKWMCC has launched its first official visit to foreign wine producing countries, with Italy being the first of many. The visit included regions such as Piemonte, Toscana and Veneto.

With the warm invitation of President Sebastiano Ramello of Associazione piemonte Sweet Home, we visited numerous wine regions in piemonte, including La Collina Dei Re, Flli Massucco Castagnito, Fratelli Serio Battista Borgogno, Veglio Michelino & Figlio and Palazzo Rosso. Through this visit we observed the climate, grape varietals, viticulture and export difficulties the local wineries were facing. The highlight of the trip was the meeting with the Diano D’ Alba association and its 43 winery representatives and Mr. Mino Tarrico from Parliament. During the meeting Mr. Ho briefed market phenomenon of the Hong Kong and China wine industry, and how Hong Kong as a wine hub can benefit the wineries in terms of logistics and branding. Mr. Ramello shared his experiences in marketing Italian wines in Hong Kong and China. A significant topic discussed was the investigations on the dumping of Solar Panels which lead to the China proposed import tax on EU wines. Italian wineries have a huge concern on any policy change in the mainland wine industry, as mainland China is indeed the largest wine market in the world.